Raised Trot Poles

Cowan Cavalletti

Raised Trot Poles

The Mini Cowan Cavalletti is a popular tool to inject elevation into your trot. It is the ultimate raised trot pole: easy to move around, even when leading a horse. No more poles rolling under horses feet with this design. The raised trot poles are 180mm high and come in two lengths: the Mini is 2570mm long and the Skinny Mini is 1280mm long. The pole is bolted to the stands with a bolt, the bolt head is recessed into the stand from the base. The stands are made from H5 treated pine and the poles are H4 treated. All our products are hand painted with Resene’s premium eco paints: one undercoat and two top coats. The stands are always painted white. Initially we used to sell the Mini, and the Skinny Mini in just white, but now we offer various colour combinations so that people can have colours that reflect their personalities. Customers can request a particular colour combination.

cowan cavalletti

Skinny Mini with flowers

Add fill to training with the Cowan Cavalletti Skinny Mini. It is a fun alternative to heavier wooden fillers used in show jump and show hunter courses. We drill seven holes in our Skinny Mini and our customers choose their own floral arrangement to poke into the holes. This can be used as a jump in itself or as a filler in front of a jump. Note flowers are not included.