Kelly Stevens is the winner

Kelly Stevens is the winner

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Congratulations Kelly on your outstanding entry in the ‘Make your Own Video’ competition. Check out Kelly’s winning entry on Riley.

Kelly utilizes a range of Cowan Cavalletti products. The Skinny Lizzie set is placed one stride in front of  a large cross oxer which she jumps both ways.  Kelly also sets up a a square shaped pattern of Original Cowan Cavalletti. She jumps Riley into the centre of the square, lands and jumps out. Kelly does this bounce from different directions. Sometimes a canter change of lead is made, other times the lead is changed by doing a flying change on a corner. Kelly makes a bounce grid with two Cowan Cavalletti Jumps with poles in their cradle set at a bounce distance apart together with the Cowan Cavalletti Poles. One of the poles is used as a ground pole, the other three are made into a vertical jump.

Both Kelly and her mount, Riley make the exercise look incredibly effortless. Well done on this outstanding entry, we LOVE it at Cowan Cavalletti.


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